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Éder Rösner, CEO of Sinequanari Audiovisual, has a degree in Audiovisual Production from PUCRS (at Porto Alegre in Brazil) and was screenwriter for the short films "Próprias Mentiras" (One’s Own Lies) and "Triângulo" (Triangle) during the course. In 2018, he completed a postgraduate degree in Specialization in Digital Game Development (emphasis on Game & Narrative Design) also at PUCRS and, at the end of the course, collaborated on the game "Lazarus' Valley" in the roles of game designer and narrative designer.


Éder worked in the executive production team of the feature film "Tales of Tomorrow" (; the short movie "Stone Heart" (; the documentary feature film "Èṣù and the Universe" (; the forthcoming 2nd season of the 3D animated kid's series "Lupita on the Planet of the Grown-Ups" (; among others titles still in development/production/post-production (as a collaborator of the company Druzina Content).

Currently, as a creator and screenwriter in his own company, Sinequanari Audiovisual, Éder develops and collaborates on many fictional projects (series and movies), as well a interactive fiction game.

An Audiovisual Production Company that specializes in Screenwriting & Executive Production (TV and Cinema) and Game & Narrative Design (Games)

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