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A comedy where life can be a game (or vice versa).


Live-Action Series /// Comedy /// 7x24'

Status: Development

It may sound wild, but hear me out: what if "Mr. Robot" and "Fight Club" had a COMEDY child in a world full of digital games? The result would be "InvisiBILL".

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Dan (short for Danton) has an invisible friend. And he has a problem: Dan is 30 years old and can't get rid of Abílio (aka Bill), who insists on saying he's real. And instead of Bill helping Dan, he only hinders him. Dan focuses on his career as a game designer and, through the social networks, meets Malu (whose nickname on the internet is M.A.L.U.), a brilliant programmer. And she is so intelligent that Dan suspects she could be an Artificial Intelligence, as he has never seen her in person. Furthermore, Dan begins to notice funny patterns between the game he is creating and his own reality...

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An Audiovisual Production Company that specializes in Screenwriting & Executive Production (TV and Cinema) and Game & Narrative Design (Games)

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