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A Dramatic Thriller Beach Noir

Empire of Sand

Live-Action Series /// Dramatic Thriller /// 7x52'

Status: Development

Cassandra, a headstrong policewoman tormented by visions of a hazy past, and Amon, an amoral and unrelenting businessman, fight for control of a seaside town and, in their crusades, they both end up killing the most important person in each other's lives.

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Cassandra falls into a coma and Amon decides to pay the policewoman's medical expenses, because he wants her alive in case she wakes up to torment her even more. When she wakes up, she realizes that she has to face the endemic corruption in the city where she lives with all the resources she has, thus risking the irreversible collapse of her integrity.

The plot takes place in Capão da Canoa, a small-sized seaside city, situated between the ocean and a lagoon, located in southern Brazil, a region known for its well-defined seasons: hot summers with crowded beaches and icy winters with almost empty streets. Thus, there will be the contrast caused by the movement and colors of summer and the inertia and cold of winter, which will be reflected in both narrative and in the cinematography.

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A serial narrative inspired by neo-noir, but with its own distinctive features, that shows the clash between and a strong-willed policewoman and an relentless businessman, which results in violent crimes and political, sexual and environmental scandals in a plot that harkens back to the Greek tragedy. The series deals with themes such as corruption, real estate speculation and social struggles in an intriguing story that involves remarkable characters and discusses symbolic, political, economical and cultural elements of a particular city, but with universal appeal. Empire of Sand shows the price the human soul pays for its obsessions in hues far beyond black and white. The sunny sands and gentle waves of an unsuspecting beach are the perfect masks for human corruptions.

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