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Time: Unless you dominate it, it will dominate you.

Suo Tempore

Feature Film /// Fantasy / Mystery /// 100'

Status: Development

A seer who knows everything about the future, but nothing about her past, discovers that she was part of a secret order that controls the linear flow of time and decides to go in search of her former power to disrupt the inevitability of time in the present day.


Norna is a remarkable seer: she does not need to guess the future, as she knows it innately. Along with this gift there is a curse: she remembers nothing about her own or other people's past. For her, the arrow of time is reversed. In her craft, she serves people who possess fragments of information that restore her past: she belonged to a timeless Secret Order responsible for maintaining the linearity of time. Ages ago, Norna rebelled when she tried to free humanity from the clutches of time and was punished. In the present day, in possession of this information, she decides to reclaim her rightful legacy and resume her intention to destroy the "time that imprisons" and free the "infinite opportune time"



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